Toshiba SD-P91S Portable DVD Player - Toshiba SD-P91S



If watching at home, the SD-P91S can be powered from the mains using the supplied AC adapter, or you can run it off your car battery using the supplied cigarette outlet adapter. But for viewing elsewhere, there’s a battery that neatly clips onto the bottom of the unit and powers the player for around five hours when fully charged, which is about two whole movies – excellent stuff.

Elsewhere there are a couple of other interesting features. The Enhanced Audio Mode (E.A.M.) attempts to expand stereo sound from the built-in speakers or external two-channel systems for a wider soundstage. You can also manually tweak the brightness and contrast levels of the picture (using the Picture button on the remote), toggle through the various aspect ratio modes (Wide, Auto and 4:3) and flip the picture. There’s also a three-stage zoom for getting up close and personal with favourite scenes and a scan mode that goes up to 16x.

Like the Philips PET712, the Toshiba’s setup menu looks basic but proves perfectly functional when carrying out simple adjustments. Coloured in pleasing shades of blue, the different pages are helpfully grouped with tabs down the left, and the cursor moves around quickly. During playback there’s a useful display that shows all the information about the current disc plus the video bitrate.

The unit is supplied with a credit card style remote with rows of small buttons at the top and bottom, and a raised section in the middle sporting the menu controls. It’s not bad but quite fiddly when accessing some of the lower buttons, and the use of a shift key for certain functions is a bit annoying.