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Thankfully – and as we’d expect given Toshiba’s generally credible budget form of late – the 42AV635DB has some impressive plus points as well as its couple of problems mentioned previously. It reproduces moving objects surprisingly well, for instance, with only a very acceptable degree of resolution loss and smearing. In other words, the lack of 100Hz processing ended up bothering me less than expected.

Colours during bright scenes, meanwhile, re-inject a decent amount of the dynamism that can go AWOL during dark scenes, and perhaps best of all, the 42AV635DB’s pictures are very crisp and sharp.

With HD this means that you can clearly see the smallest of textures – including film grain – in good Blu-ray transfers. But the 42AV635DB can also produce standard definition pictures that look startlingly sharp by budget TV standards. Just make sure you don’t set the Resolution+ processing higher than its two or three level, to avoid noise setting in, while also taking care to only use the set’s noise reduction circuitry at its lowest setting, or maybe not at all.

As with almost all budget TVs, the 42AV635DB’s audio is pretty average. On the upside, vocals are reasonably open, clean and authentic, and unlike some budget rivals, its speakers don’t distort except under the most extreme provocation.

However, there’s precious little bass in evidence during your typical explosion or gunfire sequence, trebles aren’t quite as clear as they could be, and the soundstage tends to be ‘one note’, not shifting up any gears when impolitely ordered to by an aggressive action sequence.


If considered against the efforts of dedicated budget brands like Goodmans, Bush, Hannspree and Technika, Toshiba’s 42AV635DB looks like a great deal, worth every pound – and then some – of its £480 price. The only catch is that time has recently eroded the prices of superior sets from Panasonic (the P42X10) and especially Samsung (the LE40B550), leaving the 42AV635DB looking merely worthy of audition rather than a full-on recommendation.

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