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Now that I’m focussing on the HD world, it has to be said that, ironically, the superb sharpness noted with standard definition fare on the 37AV635D doesn’t extend to high definition pictures, which actually look rather soft. You can still clearly tell that you’re watching high definition, but you’re not getting the fullest impression of what HD can do. This is probably down in part to the screen not having a Full HD resolution, but it has to be said that I’ve also seen other 1,366 x 768 pixel screens deliver HD that looks crisper than it does on the 37AV635D.

At least the slightly soft HD impression isn’t worsened by much motion blur, though. And colours retain a likeable combination of vibrancy and naturalism, except for where the contrast shortcomings come into play during extremely dark scenes.

Turning to the 37AV635D’s audio, I was slightly amused to note among the TV’s specifications the proud claim that the TV includes Dolby Digital Plus processing for maintaining audio bit-rates and reducing audio compression when watching something with a digital soundtrack. As expected, though, any benefits of such processing are largely negated by the fact that the set’s speakers lack the raw power and dynamic range to do a good movie audio mix justice. Loud action scenes thus tend to sound rather compressed and muddy.

The speakers don’t, at least, phut or distort, showing that Toshiba appreciates the limitations of the 37AV635D’s audio, plus voices are always well presented. But let’s not get too happy-clappy here; the 37AV635D’s audio is certainly no better than average.


The 37AV635D is a frustrating ‘game of two halves’. As I’d hoped, its MetaBrain helps it do a great job with standard definition fodder – indeed, it produces for my money the best standard definition pictures I’ve seen at the sub-£600 price point. This alone could be enough to win it many fans among price-conscious consumers not really interested in the whole HD phenomenon.

But the 37AV635D doesn’t fare nearly so well as an HD movie – or gaming – screen thanks to its black level problems, and slightly soft HD presentation.