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It’s worth adding here that Toshiba’s bigger versions of the WLT66 – the 47in 47WLT66 and 42in 42WLT66 – will have a higher native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 when they launch in the next few weeks. They still won’t be 1080p compatible, but their extra resolution arguably makes them better equipped to cope with the full 1080i HD broadcasts Sky recently announced it will be showing as standard on its upcoming HD service. Of course, though, these 1080-line big boys will set you back a good few quid more than this 32in model, as well as probably not being practical in size for most ‘normal’ living rooms.

The most key feature of the 32WLT66 beyond what we’ve already covered is its built-in digital tuner, complete with 7-day electronic programme guide support. You can store up to eight recording events from this EPG, too, and add subscription services via a provided card slot.

Every ambitious LCD TV worth its salt these days has some fancily named picture processing system up its sleeve. And on the 32WLT66 this system goes by the name of Active Vision LCD. As with most rival systems, Active Vision uses processing algorithms to improve a variety of picture elements, including colour saturations, motion, contrast and sharpness/detailing. But all processing algorithms certainly aren’t equal, so we’re hoping that Toshiba’s go about their improving business without causing all the unwanted side effects experienced with some rival processing systems.

A fiddly operating system comprising some rather tortuous menus and an occasionally unresponsive remote control offers up a reasonable set of further features. Particularly interesting to our readers will likely be the ‘3D Colour Management’ option, which subtly shifts the TV’s colour emphasis to make it better suited for PC use. You can also manually tweak the red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan colour components, and make movement look smoother during DVD movies by selecting a Cinema Mode.