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  • Review Price: £1100.00

Toshiba was honest enough to admit at a recent press product launch that it was rather late arriving at the LCD TV party. Yet it’s also bullish in its belief that its latest LCD range completes in style the game of catch up it’s been playing with other, more experienced LCD brands. So we thought we’d better put this belief to the test by checking out Toshiba’s new 32in 32WLT66 – part of the company’s new ‘REGZA’ range.

Things start promisingly with the 32WLT66’s dramatic looks. It’s a really quite heady concoction of matt black, sharp grey trim and subtle curves that’s a million miles from the slightly drab look of previous Toshiba LCD ranges.

There’s a neat trick to its design, as well. For in a moment of inspiration Tosh’s design team decided to build an optional (£150) subwoofer for the set that can be attached to its rear using the holes provided for wall-mounting. Clever.

Connectivity, meanwhile, also makes a good first impression by including two HDMI sockets. Such dual digital support is still rare in the TV world despite the fact that numerous digitally connecting sources will likely be clamouring for socket space in the coming 12 months.

As demanded by the AV world’s HD Ready specifications, the 32WLT66 also carries a component video input – the likely high definition home for an Xbox 360 for many of our readers. A 15-pin D-Sub connector permits PC connection, meanwhile, with the only slight connection disappointment being the provision of just two SCART sockets.

The 32WLT66 completes the HD Ready journey started by its connections with a native HD-friendly resolution of 1,366 x 768 and compatibility with the key 720p and 1080i signals. In common with the vast majority of current LCD TVs, however, this set can’t take 1080p feeds.

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