TomTom ONE IQ Routes Edition Europe 42 Sat-Nav - TomTom ONE IQ Routes Edition



The IQ Routes Edition also cherry picks a feature from TomTom’s LIVE Services. When looking for nearby petrol stations, you can search for the cheapest fuel of a particular type, instead of just the closest pumps. However, where TomTom’s fully LIVE-enabled devices such as the GO 540 have a built-in mobile data link, so can update this information on the fly, the ONE can only get the latest prices when attached to a PC via the TomTom Home software.

You also only get a three-month trial of fuel pricing out of the box, after which continued updates cost £34.95 a year. However, this also bundles safety camera updates for the whole of Europe, so is actually better value than some manufacturers offer. For example, £34.95 will only get you UK and Ireland safety cameras for a year from Navman.

The ONE appears to have taken a trick from the current trend in Internet camcorders, and installs TomTom Home automatically when you plug its USB link into a PC, although the app is downloaded from the Internet so the PC will need to be online. You can then subscribe to map updates, download customised icons and points of interest, and participate in MapShare. This is the community-based system where users can notify TomTom of any mapping errors. The ONE has the built in facility to submit error reports as well.

The other feature the ONE IQ Routes has borrowed from its bigger brothers is the Advanced Lane Guidance system. This puts up a full-screen graphic when you approach a major multi-lane junction, showing you which lane to be in so you make the turning. This is a feature now adopted by all the major sat-nav manufacturers, in various forms. Considering how hard it can be to get across when you find yourself in the fast lane 500m from your turning, it’s a very welcome improvement.

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