Texet DPF-807 8-inch Digital Photo Frame - Texet DPF-807 Digital Photo Frame



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The cheaper price of the Texet frame is reflected in a much shorter list of features. While the Jessops own-brand frame can play JPEG, AVI, Motion JPEG and MP3 audio files, the DPF-807 is limited to just JPEG image files. Despite what appear to be speaker grilles built into the back of the case, the DPF-807 has no speakers and thus lacks the option of background music to accompany your slideshows.

The upside of the reduced feature set is that the Texet DPF-807 is extremely easy to use. It has no built-in memory, so it can only display pictures from a memory card or USB flash drive. As soon as a card or drive is inserted, the frame automatically starts to display the pictures it finds on it as a slide show, using the default settings.

Pressing the Setup button on the remote control or on the back of the frame brings up a small menu, but the list of options is very limited. The only settings are a choice of menu language, the option to display images in colour, monochrome or sepia, a choice of full-frame, stretch or pan-and-scan display and a range of slideshow intervals ranging from five seconds to one hour. There is no option to change the style of the transition between images either, so you’re stuck with the default random selection of wipes and fades, which includes a couple of pretty unpleasant ones.