Teufel Theater 200 5.1 Speaker System



Key Features

  • Review Price: £804.00

Despite Teufel’s reputation for good value, some of its speaker systems are astronomically expensive. Take the LT6 THX Select system for example – its sound quality is nothing short of staggering and you certainly get a lot of speaker for your money, but with a price tag pushing £3k only city bankers and Simon Cowell need apply.

So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at a new system that might appeal to those on a more modest budget. At just over £800, the Theatre 200 is hardly cheap but more realistically priced than the LT6 or System 9 – and once you open up the boxes you might think you’ve been undercharged. All of the speakers included in the Theater 200 system boast incredible build quality, the sort you rarely find at this price point.

Theater 200 is a fourth-generation descendant of Teufel’s Theater 2, a ‘legendary’ system from the mid-90s on which the company built its reputation. The package includes a pair of T 200 F front speakers, an acoustically-enclosed two-way design. Inside is a 170mm coated cellulose fibre woofer and a 25mm large tissue dome tweeter, driven by a neodymium magnet and a voice coil chilled in ferrofluid. Nice.
(centre)”’The T 200 F front speakers”’(/centre)

The unusual two-tiered design of the cabinets not only makes them look distinctive, but also serves a practical purpose, compensating for the run-time differences between the drivers. The whole system comes in a ‘classic’ dark walnut finish, which might look at home in your Gran’s living room but could be a bit musty for more modern tastes. Remove the speaker baffles and you’ll uncover a more fashionable gloss black finish.
(centre)”’The T 200 C centre speaker”’(/centre)

Things get even more aesthetically interesting with the T 200 C centre speaker, which has its tweeter mounted on top of the cabinet under a silver arch, for delivering clear, unhindered speech reproduction. Its drivers are the same as the fronts, which also share this ‘staggered’ tweeter arrangement inside their cabinets, all of which should ensure a homogeneous sound across the front soundstage. The power handling figure given for both the fronts and centre is 140W.

(centre)”’The T 100 D dipole speakers”’(/centre)

Rear channel duties are handled by a pair of T 100 D speakers. These are dipoles, which means they emit sound from drivers on both sides to achieve a more diffuse surround effect when wall mounted (just like in the cinema). The effects are reflected along the walls and off the ceiling, making it harder to tell where they’re coming from. However, if you’re not mounting them on the wall then the two-way effect can be switched off, essentially turning them into an extra pair of T 100 Fs.