Teufel Columa 900 Home Cinema Speakers - Teufel Columa 900


The CL 90 C centre speaker is fitted with the same drivers as the columns, which should guarantee a uniform sound although it can’t handle as much power. Like the towers, the 25mm cloth dome tweeter is positioned exactly halfway between the two mid-range drivers. On the outside, the speaker looks like a mini version of the columns flipped on its side, and its slim dimensions make it easy to attach to the wall below your TV – otherwise, you can attached the supplied table mount and plonk it on your AV stand.

The system’s line-up is completed by the CL 900 SW subwoofer, which is a 25kg beast but carries its bulk well with the same smart chrome/black styling as the columns. Like the other speakers it’s surprisingly slinky at just 25cm deep, while its curved edges help it stand out from the hordes of boxy subs on the market. On the inside there are two vertically positioned 200mm drivers powered by a 250W Class D amp, and the quoted frequency range is from 38Hz up to 200Hz.

The rear panel is packed with knobs and connections that help you satisfy your taste in bass. There are two pairs of low-level cinch connections (one input and one output for adding another sub), dials that control the phase and frequency, high-level speaker terminals for stereo amps without a sub pre-out and a switch that alternates between Low Pass and Full Range, the latter bypassing the Phase and Frequency controls.

It certainly looks the business on paper but how does all this impressive-sounding tech perform? To find out we fired up Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Blu-ray and found that this system tears into the DTS HD Master Audio soundtrack with all the verve and poise of a far more expensive system.