Teufel Columa 900 Home Cinema Speakers



Key Features

  • Review Price: £1300.00

The Teufel Columa 900 is the bigger brother of the Columa 700 system we reviewed back in March, and once again it aims to combine the German brand’s silky sound quality with a funky, flat TV friendly design.

Unlike the Theater 3 system that buried two subs inside the front speakers, this one uses a conventional 5.1 configuration made up of four column speakers for the fronts and rears, a horizontal centre speaker and a powered subwoofer.

The system costs £1,300 but after unpacking it from the boxes it feels like it should cost a lot more – you certainly get a lot of speaker for your cash. Each component is weighty and built to last, although understandably they’re not quite up to the same heavyweight standards as the Theater 3 or System 9.

Looks-wise, the Columa 900 is typically attractive, with a black and chrome finish that communicates cutting-edge chic, a nice departure from the more elegant lines of other Teufel ranges.

But the system’s most compelling design feature is the remarkably shallow profile of the CL 90 FR front/rear speakers. Measuring just 8.3cm deep, you’ll have no trouble sliding them into tight spaces in your living room. Most of the front is taken up by a non-removable metal grille, keeping those drivers out of sight, and each one is screwed onto a gloss black stand.

The columns also boast an interesting driver arrangement, described as a 2.5-way system. Inside each one are four mid-range drivers, with the bottom two having a lower treble cut-off than the upper two. These lower drivers dip right down to an unusually low 100Hz, which lends extra beef to the bass output and also results in fewer frequency drop-outs caused by clashing frequency delays. There’s also a 25mm cloth dome tweeter that handles the delicate top-end stuff and should integrate seamlessly with the upper mid-range drivers.