Swiftkey X Keyboard Android App


Key Features

  • Review Price: £2.49

One of the key joys of Android is being able to swap out core parts of the phone’s interface. You can opt for new email interfaces, SMS apps and keyboards. Swiftkey X is one of the best examples of the latter.

It offers larger, better-spaced keys than they keyboard built into many Android phones, and has a highly customisable look. You needn’t make do with boring old black and white any longer. Perhaps the premier feature of this app, though, is it clever predictive texting. It claims to be more accurate than built-in predictive typing correction, and can learn from your writing online – Facebook and Twitter, for example.
Swiftkeys X
However, what we appreciate most is a keyboard that makes typing on smaller screens, like the HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy Mini, easy rather than a typo-filled chore. At £2.49, it may not be among the impulse-buy purchases of the Android Market, but as something that could enrich all of your smarpthone usage, Swiftkey X Keyboard is well worth it.

A niche feature, if not one we’re able to make much use of, is support for dozens of languages. For those real linguists among you, Swiftkey X Keyboard allows you incorporate three languages at once. The mind boggles, as would most keyboard apps.


Simple but effective, Swiftkey X is well worth investing in, especially if you find your phone’s built-in keyboard uncomfortable or inaccurate.