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Stiktu is a new idea from the folks behind the Layar augmented reality app. It lets you to take pictures, or scans, of objects and add your own comments, stickers, images and sketches over the top to express how you feel about the item or location. You can post these online and anyone who scans the item at a future date will see your handy work layered over the top of it.
Stiktu review
Users can ‘like’ each other’s posts, follow other users that they find interesting, and view a feed of what they’re posting. You can also send updates to Facebook and Twitter directly from within the app. As with many of these social apps, it needs more users before its potential can really be assessed, but for now it’s an interesting and quirky app worth checking out.


It has only just launched, so it’s not populated with that much content, but this quirky app is certainly interesting.

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