Space Siege - Space Siege



Your story and characterisation, meanwhile, is so generic that it’s just untrue. I guess we should be glad about the lack of cut scenes, but couldn’t you have found some way to inject a little drama and personality into the game. The System Shock style data pads certainly don’t do it, and neither do the chunks of dialogue that crop up from time to time. Some of your clichés are plain laughable. Maybe multiplayer will bring out your hidden potential, but I doubt it. When I tried to find a game earlier today not a soul was playing. From what I can see, all you have to offer is a series of stand-alone missions even more tedious than those in the main game. Why should I put myself and three other players through that?

So that’s it, Space Siege. It didn’t have to be this way. The Dungeon Siege games that came before you weren’t masterpieces, but at least they had attractive graphics and simple, addictive, and accessible action on their side. You’re just average for the first four hours then increasingly tedious company after that. So I won’t be wasting anymore time on you, and I hope that other PC gamers will give you a wide berth as well. I know you’re pretty cheap and there aren’t a lot of other PC games we can play at the moment, but we’d have to be pretty desperate to make picking you up worth our while.


Bland, dated and utterly forgettable, Space Siege is a deeply disappointing action RPG. From a small, low-budget developer we might expect this sort of nonsense, but when it comes from a company with the reputation of Gas Powered Games you have to wonder what went wrong.


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