Sony VPL-VW320ES - Conclusions



Sony VPL-VW320ES – 3D Picture Quality

No 3D glasses were provided with the VPL-VW320ES, so I wasn’t able to test this aspect of its performance.

Other Things to Consider

Gaming on the VPL-VW320ES is a fun experience. My measurements of its input lag – the time the projector takes to render picture data received at its inputs – recorded an avergae figure of just 32ms. This is a strong result for a 4K display, and should have only a minimum impact on your gaming performance.

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Sony VPL-VW320ES

Should I buy a Sony VPL-VW320ES?

The VPL-VW320ES is an accomplished projector. It makes its native 4K resolution count and delivers
bright and well-balanced standard dynamic range images.

Its HDR playback is a little unconvincing, however, and a rather pedestrian contrast performance leaves its SDR below that of its closest rival, the JVC DLA-X7000. Which represents something of a problem for the VPL-VW320ES when you consider that the JVC projector costs almost exactly the same money.

It’s worth adding, too, that Sony’s step-up VPL-VW520ES does a more convincing job with HDR than either the VPL-VW320ES or the JVC DLA-X7000, making it potentially worth the £3,000 extra if money is no object.


A reasonably affordable 4K projector that’s slightly let down by unconvincing HDR efforts and a lacklustre contrast performance.


Native Aspect Ratio 17:9
Projector Type SXRD
Brightness (Lumen) 1500lm
Full HD 1080p Actually 4K
3D Ready Yes (though no glasses included)
Max Diagonal Image Size (Inch) 300in
Lamp Type UHP
Lamp power (Watt) 225W

A/V Ports

Component 1
Ethernet Yes
WiFi No

Physical Specifications

Height (Millimeter) 195.3mm
Width (Millimeter) 495.6mm
Depth (Millimeter) 463.6mm
Weight (Gram) 14000g