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The screen is large – I measured it at 2.6in diagonally, and its 240 x 320 pixels make it easy to read, though I did find it a little difficult to see clearly outside in bright sunlight.

There is a front-facing camera for making video calls, and the main camera shoots stills at 3.2-megapixels. It has a dual LED flash, which I found better than a single light for indoor shooting, but there is no auto mode for the flash – it is either on or off. There is a macro mode and auto focus.

The camera performance was variable under testing. The coloured dish shot as usual under normal household lighting conditions with no flash is a little dull but the colour reproduction is good. The pink flowering plants are overexposed though, which doesn’t bode too well for generic outdoor photography, and I noticed a bit of shutter lag which doesn’t inspire confidence when taking action shots.

However the macro modes shots I took were superb. I got very close to the plants with frost on them and the quality of the image is really quite good with plenty of detail captured.


You could argue that because of the flat screen and the cameras I should give the W950i a slightly better score than its predecessor, the W950i. But I don’t think this is enough of an improvement. I wish Sony Ericsson would take the very capable UIQ and seriously overhaul the user interface. Please…

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