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Other hardware gripes include the use of Sony’s proprietary headset/charging/USB connection, which precludes the use of your own headphones. The included headset is the usual poor quality wired affair with two earbuds and a microphone. It’s fine for taking calls but the lack of noise isolation and poor bass response make them inadequate for music listening. You can of course get headphone adapters but one isn’t included in the box.

For loading multimedia onto the Naite, there’s a microSD card under the battery cover. You don’t get a card in the box but up 8GB cards are supported. Photos taken with the handset’s fixed focus 2.0-megapixel camera are stored on the memory card, but the results are about as poor as you’d expect. They’re limited in detail, suffer from a lot of sensor noise, and the lack of autofocus means close-up objects in particular are difficult to capture. The camera is at least reasonably quick in operation so you’ll be ready to capture that fleeting moment while other more capable yet slower cameras are still starting up. Video is also available but with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a framerate of 15fps it’s next to useless. On the back is a fairly lousy speaker and a lanyard loop in the bottom left hand corner.

Given the phone’s less than impressive hardware, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Naite’s software might also leave a lot to be desired. However, this is not the case. While it’s no thoroughbred smartphone with its lack of Wi-Fi, GPS and proper app store support, the web browser is surprisingly nippy and is quite capable of showing full web pages and scrolling round them quickly. Furthermore, push email is supported, 3G is onboard (it can be turned off to save battery), and the messaging interface shows Facebook messages, SMS, IM, and emails, making it easy to keep track of all your messages at a glance.

As well as the very nice Facebook app, you can also download additional apps through the PlayNow portal though we found the selection to be very limited with basics like a Twitter app missing. Pre-installed apps include a Timer, Stopwatch, Calculator, a password manager, and a file manager, as well as four half decent games; Sudoku, Brick Breaker (a breakout game), Kasparov Chess, and Quadrapop (a ball stack/Tetris clone).

When making and receiving calls, we found the Naite to be perfectly adequate with clear audio from the microphone and earpiece, though the speaker struggles during conference calling. Signal reception, which can be iffy in our area, also seemed to be fine. As for battery life, considering this phone’s lowly screen and 1000mAh battery it was no surprise that it lasted a long time. It was still going after four days of regular use and we think it could easily last a week or more with occasional use.


The Naite J105 proclaims to be an environmentally friendly phone and we can appreciate the efforts Sony Ericsson has made by using recycled plastic and water-based paints. However, there’s no getting round the fact that a second-hand phone will probably be of greater benefit to the environment. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a low-cost basic candybar phone, this is entirely capable, if unexceptional.

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