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Of course this handset plays music. There is 64MB of memory in the phone itself and it will accept Memory Stick Micro cards so you can add up to a further 2GB of storage. The handset will send music to a stereo Bluetooth headset. Unusually these days there is an infra red port too.

You get a stereo headset but both this and the USB cable (used with the copy of PC Suite to share information with your PC) hook up to Sony Ericsson’s horrid proprietary connector which sits on the bottom of the handset. This is also used for battery charging, and it is a real pain to have to carry a charger just for this phone when so many other devices are standardised on mini USB. If you don’t want to use PC Suite then the K810i works in Mass Storage mode too.

Other applications include an FM radio, RSS feed reader, sound recorder, email support, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, notes taker, stopwatch, tasks manager and timer.

Time constraints meant I didn’t have the time to do a full music playing battery rundown test of this phone, but during the review period I found it performed fairly well. I’d say if you shoot a few photos, make a few minutes of 3G usage and listen to half an hour of music or so every day you should get by with a charge every other day.


The K810i is a comfortable mobile phone to use. A cliché, I know, but it really is very ‘user-friendly’. And it is ideal for those who want a competent cameraphone.