Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 Plus - Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 Plus



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Another of the new additions is the BBC iPlayer. I used this via Wi-Fi and both the Catch-up and Live TV offerings worked fine, though rendering was blocky and reading text chancy. The streaming ticker on BBC news 24, for example, is illegible. If you want to use the iPlayer over the air while out and about check with your operator to see what it allows.

There’s a YouTube client here too, hidden away in the Applications folder which is itself a subset of the Organiser folder on the main menu. Why it is there I have no idea, but there are other goodies hidden here, too, including the Walk Mate pedometer, a photo slideshow tool, and something called Photo Mate which gives instructions to help you make good use of the camera.

The final thing Sony Ericsson has added new to the C905 Plus is SMS Conversation. This basically provides you with a view of SMS messages between you and other numbers as an IM style continuous stream. Visually the messages are put into speech bubbles. It feels a bit gimmicky, but some people will find it fun.

Onboard memory has not been tweaked and internally there is still just 160MB. You get a 2GB Memory Stick Micro card as well as a USB reader.

Battery life doesn’t seem greatly improved on the original version and in fact Sony Ericsson has not altered its original quote of up to nine hours of talk and 380 hours on standby. If you go mad with GPS and using YouTube and the iPlayer over Wi-Fi you should expect to charge every day.

There is a lot more here too, unchanged from the original version of this handset. The range includes Bluetooth remote control, sound recorder, mobile email and IM, FM radio, five alarms, calendar, task manager, notes taker, timer, stopwatch, calculator, code memo, TrackID, VideoDJ, PhotoDJ and MusicDJ.


I still find this handset clunky to hold. But if you already have the C905 it is worth upgrading its software. I’ve given it an extra point for features over the original version and that is just enough to raise it to TrustedReviews Recommended status.