Sonos ZP80 Digital Music System - Verdict


Sonos has really captured the essence of what makes modern music technology so exciting with its wireless music system. It works perfectly, blends into your current setup absolutely seamlessly and, if you’re not careful, will start to take over.

It might not seem cheap at £799 for the basic two box ZP80 setup, but given how easy this system is to install and extend, and how much design and engineering has gone into it, it’s not really that much to ask. Putting it into perspective – that’s how much my first low-end ‘proper’ separates system cost me way back at the beginning of the 1990s.

No it doesn’t sound as good as a dedicated CD player if used to play MP3 and WMA files and the integrated DAC and amplifier components in both ZP80 and ZP100 ZonePlayers can’t match serious dedicated separate components.

But the ability to connect it to your existing music system does mean you can enjoy your MP3 collection on much more of a level playing field than with, say, Philips’ Streamium system. And if you rip your music to a lossless format and combine that with a quality external DAC you can get close to real audiophile quality.

And that is the killer feature that could finally persuade all of those skeptics that the technology side of the music business is serious about high quality music reproduction – including little old me.

”’Pricing:”’ Two box starter package (includes 2x ZP80 ZonePlayers and 1x CR100 Controller) £779 (inc VAT); Additional ZP80 ZonePlayers, £269 (inc VAT); ZP100 ZonePlayer, £379 (inc VAT); Sonos Loudspeaker SP100 £149 (inc VAT); Sonos Controller Cradle £44.99 (inc VAT)

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