SMC WSKP100 Skype Phone - SMC WSKP100



The phone display shows whether you’re logged on to an access point, the signal strength, battery state, the time and the amount of credit left in your Skype account. You can set the phone to automatically log on to the nearest open wireless access point although with many businesses and home users still not savvy on security we’re not sure this is a wise move. From the Settings menu you can initiate a search for networks in range and pick one from the list to connect to. We tested this on an access point with WPA encryption activated and after entering the network key we were online and ready to go. When the phone displays the window for the network key it’ll also tell you what type of encryption is in force.

During testing we found the WSKP100 easy enough to use although call quality wasn’t overly impressive. With outgoing calls we could hear the recipients reasonably well but they complained of a disconcerting echo at their end which, bizarrely, was almost eradicated when we fitted the earpiece and microphone jack. However, with this in place we found that it reduced volume levels enough to make it difficult for us to hear the other person. The volume control on the side also didn’t have any significant impact. For the ringer you can choose from three rather silly tones which also aren’t loud enough to be heard easily in public places although you do have a vibration option as well.

The phone maintains a contact list which can be accessed directly from the home display. New contacts are easy enough to add and can be done manually or simply by asking for the current number dialed to be added. You can conduct a full search of the Skype service for users and email addresses. These results can be added to your contact list but only after Skype sends a request to the selected users where they either permit or deny the request. There’s plenty more to play with as you can check on your SkypeIn and Skype VoiceMail services if you’ve purchased them, modify your public and private Skype profile, divert and forward calls and send Skype voicemail to other users.


The Skype mobile is a smart idea but although we found SMC’s solution easy enough to use, call quality is distinctly average and the features list is somewhat limited considering the price.

Score in detail

  • Value 7
  • Features 6