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The MICO 50’s talents continue with its truly mesmerising sharpness and knack for reproducing detail. In fact, we have our suspicions that some source providers might actually grow to have a healthy dislike of the MICO 50, for it’s so unerringly precise that it is completely unforgiving of any weaknesses sources – even, actually especially HD ones – may show.

While watching Sky HD, for instance, I was actually quite disturbed by how God-awful David Fincher’s The Game looked in HD. In fact, there was so much noise and even compression blocking that the picture looked more like an upscaled DVD on the MICO 50 than an HD broadcast.

Yet switching to Valkyrie on one of Sky’s other HD movie channels revealed it to have a much, much better picture; one still prone to a little grain, but which certainly looked like the genuine HD article.

This ability of the MICO 50 to relentlessly pick the HD wheat from the chaff extends to Blu-ray too. I don’t mean this to appear a fault of the projector, of course. Quite the contrary; my point is simply that the MICO 50’s pictures are so sharp and pure that they leave no hiding place for dodgy transfers or low bit-rate broadcasts.

The obvious upside to the MICO 50’s dazzling clarity, apart from showing who knows how to ‘do’ HD well and who doesn’t, is that it delivers enough extra insight into your favourite Blu-rays and HD recordings to make you feel like you’re seeing them properly for the first time. Any product able to create this ‘making things new again’ high in a reviewer who’s tested thousands of TVs and projectors can certainly be considered very special indeed.

The sense that you’re gaining an extra insight into pictures with the MICO 50 continues with its colour response. Projectors able to produce a similar level of tonal accuracy, blend smoothness and vibrancy are very, very rare. I noted in the review of Vivitek’s H9080 how outstanding colours appeared to be on LED projectors, but the MICO 50’s subtlety, finesse and expressiveness take this argument up another gear.

In fact, the MICO 50’s outstanding abilities with colour will likely make going back to testing the more affordable projectors that I usually spend my time with a bit difficult. I guess I’ll have to see a few all at the same time to get my sense of perspective back on track!

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