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Not having to buy replacement lamps every few thousand hours also makes the MICO 50 quite cost effective in the long term – notwithstanding the fact that it will have cost you the best part of £16k up front, of course! And let’s not forget, either, the ecological benefits of not having to keep replacing lamps.

Continuing the green theme, the MICO 50 employs no mercury or lead in its construction, uses less than 1W in standby, and also runs far more efficiently than a normal projector – not least because it impressively employs a liquid cooling system, drastically reducing the effort needed from the two onboard fans. This fact also makes the MICO 50 exceptionally quiet to run for such a powerful machine – as well as making it much less likely to turn your living room into a sauna during a movie marathon.

With a mighty claimed contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a claimed colour palette of 200 trillion colours and Sim2’s own PureLED video processing on top of all the LED benefits described earlier, it’s fair to say that the MICO 50 has already gone a mighty long way towards justifying its high price. But we’re not done yet, for it can also be calibrated to within a millimetre of perfection courtesy of Sim2’s outstanding Live Colour Calibration software.

I won’t go into detail on this here, as I covered it in an earlier review of Sim2’s C3X Lumis. Suffice it to say that it makes the usual ‘built-in’ colour management systems look positively amateurish by comparison.

The MICO 50’s connections go further than your average projector too. For as well as the expected couple of HDMIs, you get all the usual ‘legacy’ stuff (composite, S-Video and component inputs) and a host of bits and bobs designed to aid the custom installation market at which the MICO 50 is so clearly targeted. RS-232 serial and USB ports, 12-volt trigger outputs, IR sensor inputs, and anamorphic projection functionality… they’re all there.

If like my dear old nan you’re one of those people who likes quantity as well as quality for your buck, fear not. For the MICO 50 is an absolute beast of a machine, measuring 540 x 235 x 641mm and weighing a disc-slipping 25kg.

I have to say that at first I didn’t think its design delivered Sim2’s usual penchant for Ferrari-esque beauty. But weirdly the design grew on me with every day that I spent with it, as I really started to appreciate the glorious quality of its glossy finish, and the way all of its high-spec items – its lens array, its cooling vents, its liquid cooling chambers, its LED optics and so on – have been incorporated without completely losing that blend of curvaceous fun and refinement that the Italian brand has made its trademark. In fact, by the time I reluctantly handed the MICO 50 back to Sim2, I’d started to see it as a minor masterpiece of industrial design.