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Benchmarking this system is kind of pointless, as not only is this particular unit a little underpowered, but everyone has different needs and will configure a machine appropriately. However, I did run SpodeMark2D to see how it compared to some rival systems. I also ran some games to get a feel for performance, and was disappointed. Settings have to be particularly low in order get a decent frame rate.

Unfortunately for Shuttle, 3D performance wasn’t the only casualty, with 2D performance being particuarly under par. Our reference 3.8GHz Pentium 4 and Core 2 Duo E6400 machines where well over double the speed. I’m sure a lot of this is due to our test rigs having 2GB of system memory, instead of a lowly 512MB.

I have no doubts that properly configured, this system will be able to keep up with the best of them. The use of a standard desktop hard drive instead of a notebook drive will also help considerably.


I really do like the X100, it’s sleek, silent and just the right size. However, the lack of dual display output is a considerable problem, as is the price. Although this system is around £750, a decent spec machine is around the £1,000 mark. That’s a lot of money to spend considering what sort of desktop PC you could purchase, or even a notebook. A notebook has the added benefit of being portable, having a display built in and allowing you to plug in a second screen if necessary.

If none of these issues have put you off and you want an ultra small, silent, potentially powerful PC – the X100 is well worth considering.

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