Shure SE115 Noise Isolating Earphones - Shure SE115 Earphones



Being at the lower-end of Shure’s range, the SE115 earphones don’t come in quite as comprehensive a bundle as the ‘prosumer’ models. That said, the package still isn’t exactly stingy, including everything I can see the average user wanting. The SE115s themselves feel like they should survive the rigours of regular use, more so than a pair of Klipsch Image X5 earphones certainly.

A soft case – with, for some reason, a karabiner attached – is provided to protect the ‘phones in transit. Inside this are three sizes of silicone tips and the same number of foam tips. Last and probably least too is an earwax cleaning tool, for keeping the SE115s pristine.

It’s amazing how quickly wax can build up over time; or maybe there’s a swarm of bees in my head and I just don’t know it. You decide. Either way, I find a fingernail more useful than the dedicated tool for my purposes, but I’m sure someone reading this will disagree.

As ever, Shure’s foam is wonderfully comfortable and does a brilliant job of isolating external sound. And as we all know, the more effective a set of earphones are at excluding external sound, the better the audio experience. Furthermore, good isolation also means less audio bleed, which in turn means lower required listening volumes. All that from a simple cone-shaped piece of foam!

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