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More definite and less controversial strengths of the LC32AD5E’s pictures include colours that at least try to atone for their occasional tonal deficiencies by being fulsomely saturated and vibrant.

Also, you get to enjoy some impressive sharpness and detailing with HD sources. Once again we have proof that you really can appreciate ‘the HD difference’ even on a TV as small as 32 inches.

Actually the LC32AD5E also shows standard definition pictures with surprising crispness considering that there’s precious little high-level image processing going on. And it does no harm at all to this general sense of clarity that the set also suffers less with LCD’s motion smearing problem than most sets at the sub-£500 level.

The decent pictures are partnered by equally decent audio, too. Treble effects are presented with clarity and help create a good sense of width to the soundstage; the mid-range is reasonably uncompressed allowing voices to stay rounded and clear even during action scenes; and there’s even a little punchy bass on hand to underpin proceedings.


There are certainly one or two tell-tale signs in the LC32AD5E’s performance that reveal its budget status, and you have to be careful how you set it up if you want to get the best out of it. But its imperfections certainly aren’t big enough to stop it from outperforming the majority of its price-based rivals by quite a comfortable margin.

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