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The 32GD7E also looks the business with bright, high definition footage, such as the landscape of Cyrodiil during the gorgeous daylight hours of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Xbox 360. The amount of fine detail to be seen is out of this world – a feat made all the more impressive by a complete absence of the sort of grain or dot crawl that sometimes accompanies such sharpness. The colours are again outstandingly dynamic, too.

From what you’ve read so far you’re probably wondering why the marks at the top of this review aren’t higher. The answer lies in a collection of small brickbats, kicking off with the fact that although they’re mostly strong, colours can during darker scenes – especially with poor quality source signals – start to drift off tone, looking less natural as they go. Also, when we tried watching the 32GD7E in a bright room it was impossible not to be struck by its lack of brightness. Finally, although dark parts of the picture avoid the greying over that’s so common in the LCD world, they also tend to look a rather hollow – more like black holes in the picture as opposed to an integral part of it.

As with its pictures, the 32GD7E gets most but not quite all things right when it comes to sound. The good news is that the sound is spread far and wide around your living room, contains more bass than is common for a flat TV, and presents high-pitched effects clearly and without harshness. The bad news is that dialogue can get a little lost when the going gets loud.


In many ways the 32GD7E is a seriously appealing TV. It looks lovely in a macho kind of way, and its pictures can at times look stunning. The problem is that it’s one of the most expensive of the current 32in LCD crop, and as such its occasional foibles are much harder to ignore.

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