Samsung UE46D8000




  • Stunning design
  • Exceptional brightness and colour
  • Extensive multimedia features


  • Needs care with set up
  • crosstalk with 3D
  • Minor backlight bleed even after calibration

Key Features

  • Review Price: £1499.99
  • 46in edge LED TV
  • Active 3D playback
  • Smart TV functionality
  • USB video recording and multimedia playback
  • Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners

If we were in the business of dishing out awards purely for looks,

Samsung’s D8000 range of LCD TVs would have a whole series of glittering

trophies in its cabinet. Or sat next to its toilet, depending on the

how important it might deem such awards to be.

The UE46D8000 sat

on our test benches today is for our money the single most attractive

46in TV we’ve seen. There are more ‘out there’ designs from the likes of

Loewe and Bang & Olufsen, but the way the UE46D8000 manages to

deliver its considerable screen acreage from a bezel so narrow that it’s

barely there is guaranteed to inspire telly envy in all who behold it.


all, as well as allowing the UE46D8000 to fit in a smaller space and

making it a less daunting a presence than your average 46in TV, the

minuscule metallic bezel also practically screams ‘cutting edge tech’ at

you. Which means that it achieves the extraordinary feat of being

irresistible to tech haters and gadget lovers alike.
Samsung UE46D8000

not just its design that makes the UE46D8000 Samsung’s flagship 46in

LCD TV, though. It’s also managed to squeeze more features into its

impossibly tiny frame than you would have thought possible.


connections, for instance, include four 3D-friendly v1.4 HDMIs, a LAN

port, built-in Wi-Fi, and no less than three USBs. What’s more, since

wi-fi is built in, you don’t need to ‘waste’ one of the USB ports with

an external USB wi-fi dongle.

What you probably will want to use

the USB ports for is both playing back multimedia files – including a

variety of video formats – from USB drives, and recording from the

built-in Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners to USB HDDs.


LAN/Wi-Fi options open up a whole world of extra entertainment. For

starters, you can use them to access files stored on a networked

DLNA-ready PC. Or you can use them to go online in the company of

Samsung’s superb Smart TV service.

Samsung UE46D8000

We’ve covered this service extensively in other recent Samsung reviews,

so there doesn’t seem much point doing it again here. All that’s worth

reiterating is that the platform currently leads the way in terms of

both its interface and the sheer wealth of content available. Video

services include – among many other things – LoveFilm, the BBC iPlayer,

and Samsung’s own ‘vault’ of downstream-able 3D sources, plus you get

Skype, Facebook and Twitter for social networking.

Our only

complaint would be that Samsung seems to be adopting a quantity over

quality approach to its lower-level apps, presenting you with such a

bewildering swathe of largely rubbish games and infotainment fluff that

many people probably won’t have the time or inclination to sort the

wheat from the chaff.

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