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Battery life left me a little underwhelmed. The original Tocco got close to eleven hours of music playback from a full battery charge, then continued to remain alive lasting a total of over 15 and a half hours. The Tocco Ultra didn’t get anywhere near that. I got five hours 39 minutes of music playback and a total life of eight hours five minutes. That’s disappointing and I found I wanted to top the phone up every day just to be on the safe side.

Also disappointing is the headset connector; it’s not 3.5mm. Instead, it shares the main power port. At least the provided headset is two-piece so you can use your own earphones in place of Samsung’s in-ear ones. And another plus is that you can record from the FM radio. That’s a rare feature indeed, easily accessed from the radio’s More softkey.

Memory is limited for such a high-end handset. There is 75MB on board and Samsung chooses to supply just a 1GB microSD card. The slot is under the battery cover and you need to remove the battery to get to it, which isn’t exactly convenient.

Other software not already mentioned includes Bluetooth, video recording and editing, voice recorder, timer, stopwatch, RSS reader, Google maps, mobile email, calendar, memo maker, task manager, world clock, calculator, unit converter, (or, as the handset has it, ‘convertor’), and alarms.


As the flagship 2009 handset from Samsung, I expected the Tocco Ultra S8300 to be something really special. In some respects, I got it. The superb screen, fine build quality and number-pad/touchscreen combi are all big plus points. But there are a fair few niggles here too, and I expect other handsets to outshine it as the year progresses.

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