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The screen is another high point. Measuring 2.8in diagonally, it delivers 240 x 400 pixels. It is exceptionally sharp and bright, and that is in no small part due to its AMOLED technology, which really helps when viewing it outdoors and with colour contrast.

The automatic screen reorientation is a real plus point and something you’d expect as standard on a high-end phone like this. You would also expect there to be Wi-Fi but sadly, it is absent. You do get GPS and this is a 3G handset with HSDPA to 7.2Mbps. There is a front camera for two-way video calling.

I found the touchscreen interface a little dodgy. There were times when it simply didn’t like my finger presses and I had to make several taps in order for it to respond. This was most irritating when doing things like entering text and setting up the camera.

You might expect some sort of multi-touch support, but it isn’t here. I found its absence most annoying when zooming web pages. You have to call up a zoom bar and use that which requires a few too many screen presses. At least you can finger-pan. Ed also has some interesting points to make on the user interface in the video review. There is also a lock button on the side of the phone that helps prevent accidental key presses when the handset is pocketed.

The widgets I mentioned earlier are easily dragged onto the main screen from a sidebar. There are lots of them, many connected. A Google search bar, AccuWeather, Facebook, MySpace, clock and calendar, shortcuts to music playback controls and the FM radio, to contacts and games. There is a birthdays reminder and even a download panel so you can get more widgets as time goes by.

One of the highlights of the Tocco Ultra S8300 is its 8-megapixel main camera. The lens hides under the slide until needed and is accompanied by a double LED flash and self-portrait mirror.

There was some shutter lag, which meant that images could easily be blurred if you move the camera while taking a photo, and it made framing action shots a little trickier too.

The camera does have some nice features, though. Geotagging, anti-shake control and blink detection are present. And the macro mode is superb. The flowers were photographed at a distance of about 10cm and colour reproduction and detailing are both excellent. The chair has a good level of detail and the coloured dish, photographed indoors under normal household lights, has good colour reproduction.