Samsung SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame - Samsung SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame



Samsung has given its SPF-105P 1GB of built-in storage, which is fairly generous considering most photo frames still carry less than half that, or, in the case of the Texet DPF-807, none at all. Our only complaint with this memory is that it seems to be quite slow: transferring just a few pictures may take minutes. Alternatively you can also hook up memory sticks and external drives through USB 2.0, or just play files directly from a card.

Inside the artsy chassis rests a 10in screen. At least, that’s what the box and site would have you believe, but the screen is actually bigger than advertised at 10.2in. It carries the same 1,024 x 600 resolution as most netbooks. Indeed, we’d be fairly confident in thinking the SPF-105P uses the same panel as might be found in the outstanding Samsung NC10.

At this stage some of you might have noticed we’re dealing with a proper widescreen frame here, where most digital frames have a traditionally more photo-friendly 4:3 or 5:4. However, with most new cameras offering widescreen shooting modes, having a truly widescreen photo frame actually makes sense. Also, as with every aspect of the SPF-105P, the aspect ratio is fully configurable, offering 1:1, Auto Fit, fit-to-width and stretch options.

Colour and greyscale reproduction are good and the high resolution means it offers a tight pixel pitch. Horizontal viewing angles are also impressive, though as always vertical ones are very poor.

When it comes to value for money, the SPF-105P is anything but an impulse buy, as the cheapest we found it for was £143.80 including delivery. This is as expensive as the 10in Kodak EasyShare W1020 Digital Picture Frame, which is wall mountable, can be used either horizontally or upright and offers video playback and Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the Samsung arguably has a more attractive design, a much higher resolution screen (1,024 x 600 compared to the Kodak’s 800 x 600) and best of all, a battery that makes it portable. Which one you go for depends on which of these features is more important to you.


Offering a higher resolution than most digital photo frames, functionality as a secondary monitor through USB and with a battery making it truly mobile, Samsung’s SPF-105P does a lot to justify its high price. However, in this price bracket, other photo frames offer different options such as Wi-Fi and video playback, which may be of more use depending on your needs.

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  • Value 8