Samsung SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame



Key Features

  • Review Price: £143.00

Photography has well and truly made the transition to digital where the taking of pictures is concerned. But when it comes to displaying them, things are lagging behind slightly. For those of you who still need to make the jump to digitally displaying all your snaps around your home, join us as we take a look at Samsung’s 10in SPF-105P Digital Photo Frame.

This sleek little frame arrives in two parts: the frame and its leg, which join together using a unusual ball-and-socket joint. Assembly is simple, though pushing the ‘ball’ in does require some force. Once set up, this gives the leg a nice amount of flexibility, though this frame is obviously not designed to be used in an upright position.

Surrounding the 10in display is the frame, which is finished in Samsung’s traditional piano-black and enhanced by a subtle whorl pattern, with a narrow dark-silver inner trim separating it from the screen. Though you generally don’t want too narrow a bezel on a photo frame, you do want it not to look too bulky either and the SPF-105P obliges by being less than a centimetre deep at its edges.

Build quality is good without being outstanding. One thing to keep in mind is that Samsung has gone for looks over practicality in not providing any rubber feet on the frame, meaning it can easily get scratched. It retains excellent grip, though, thanks to the rubberized tip of its leg.

Behind the attractive bezel you’ll find the usual range of connectivity. This includes a headphone jack on the right, USB and mini-USB ports on the left and two memory-card slots: one that takes SD and Memory Stick on the left, as well as one for Compact Flash on the bottom.

There’s also a pair of stereo speakers integrated unobtrusively to either side. They’re acceptable for a bit of casual background music (which you can program the SPF-105P to play during a slideshow) and they’ll also do an okay job for home video and such, but for anything more demanding you’ll want to use the provided headphone socket with a headset or some speakers.