Samsung SP50L7HXX 50in DLP TV - Samsung SP50L7HXX 50in DLP TV



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Another, more unusual trick available via the TV’s attractive onscreen menus is a ‘My Colour Control’ system. This feature lets you tweak the relative levels of the pink, blue and green parts of the image in isolation, so that other elements of the colour tone that you might actually be happy with aren’t negatively affected by your tweaking of the one element. Beyond this there are more straightforward adjustments for the red, green and blue image elements. One thing you surprisingly won’t find, however, is a built-in digital tuner.

It’s apparent pretty much from the off that the SP50L7HXX’s unusual design has not wreaked havoc on the TV’s picture quality. Its pictures are for the most part very good indeed – and even when the odd flaw raises its ugly head, it doesn’t appear to be the Rocket Engine design’s fault.

The first thing that hits you positively about the SP50L7HXX’s pictures is their almost complete freedom from all sorts of video noise. There’s precious little grain, no edge shimmering, no colour noise over fine details, no dot crawl… even the greenish dotting that can affect dark parts of a picture on a DLP TV is better handled than usual.

Partly as a result of this latter fact, the Samsung’s black levels actually look darker than the claimed 3000:1 contrast ratio would suggest – very unusual in an environment where manufacturers routinely produce hopelessly optimistic contrast measurements.

This black level strength helps give pictures a fine sense of three-dimensional depth, as well as playing a part in making colours look as dynamic and vibrant as any we’ve seen from a DLP TV to date.