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With HD I was also relieved to note that the image’s sharpness isn’t badly affected by motion blur. It’s just a pity that the amount of motion blur increases quite a bit when you switch to standard definition pictures.

This is the best reason I came across during my time with the UE40B7020 for stepping up to Samsung’s 8000 series. For the flagship 8000 range carries 200Hz processing versus the UE40B7020’s 100Hz, and the difference the 200Hz system makes with standard definition in terms of reduced motion blur and resolution is marked.

While we’re on the subject of the UE40B7020’s 100Hz system, I should point out that you need to take care with its setup if you want to enjoy its benefits without suffering glitchy side effects. Just as well, then, that Samsung has made the system unusually flexible, providing a series of 100Hz ‘presets’ – including our preferred ‘Clear’ mode – as well as allowing you to adjust the heaviness of the processing’s judder and blur components along a sliding scale to suit your own specific tastes.

As with the 8000 series, my main gripe with the UE40B7020 is the effort needed to get its pictures looking their best. Noise reduction, the 100Hz system, the dynamic contrast system, the black level booster, the edge enhancement tool, the HDMI input level… these are just a few of the features you need to spend time tweaking if you want to get anything like the optimum performance from this TV. The good news, of course, is that the ‘optimum performance’ level you can finally get to is well and truly worth it…

The UE40B7020’s sound isn’t nearly as satisfying as its pictures, alas. The set carries two 10W down-firing speakers, but these just don’t have the dynamic range or bass capabilities to sound convincing with anything more demanding than ”The Jeremy Kyle Show”.


I predicted a couple of years ago that one day LED would rule the TV world, and the UE40B7020 does nothing whatsoever to shake that conviction.

However, as usual with a Samsung TV, it’s aggravating that you have to put a little legwork in to get the best out of the UE40B7020. And I really think it’s time Samsung put as much effort into improving its TVs’ audio as it clearly does revamping their aesthetics every year.

That said, the UE40B7020 really does look sensational, and providing you’re willing to tinker with its numerous picture options, it can produce superb pictures for what is a decent price.

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