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Samsung has definitely done a good job with the Q1, especially when you consider that this is a first generation UMPC. The ease of browsing the web while relaxing on your sofa or sitting out in the garden is a great feature, and the bundled USB keyboard makes doing serious work (like writing this review) a breeze. Unfortunately the low screen resolution, and more importantly the very poor battery life spoil the party.

If Samsung can improve the battery life on the next generation of Q1 it will make it an altogether more compelling prospect. Considering that the Korean giant has already announced a version of the Q1 with a 32GB solid state disk at its core, I could get my wish, and get lightning fast I/O thrown into the bargain. But before you get too excited, the SSD version of the Q1 is set to cost $2,430 in the US, so it will be far more expensive than this Q1 if it appears in the UK.


Top marks to Samsung for creating a beautifully designed and constructed ultra mobile PC. The Q1 really does look the part and in many ways it has the ability to back up its stylish appearance. The inclusion of the USB keyboard travel pack is more of an obvious necessity than a good idea, making the Q1 a usable mobile computer. General browsing and even watching video is a joy on this little machine, but you really want to do these things on the move, without being tethered to a power socket.

Ideally I’d like to see the next Q1 (the Q2 maybe?) ship with a higher resolution screen – preferably 1,024 pixels wide – and better battery life. Considering that Sony can squeeze seven hours out of the TX2XP, I have no doubt that Samsung can manage better battery life in the next Q1, but as the current Q1 stands, it’s not the ultimate mobile computer that it should be.

Score in detail

  • Performance 7
  • Value 8
  • Features 7

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