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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Camera

Clearly the camera is the most important feature, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera is a really impressive performer once you get to grips with all its features.

The 16-megapixel BSI

CMOS sensor main camera is equipped with a 10x optical zoom equivalent

to 24mm to 240mm. There’s a Xenon flash to help shoot in low light

conditions and a built-in Optical Image Stabiliser

to reduce blur and generally keep things steady. There’s now a massive

25 Samsung ‘Smart’ scene modes that should make it almost impossible not

to take a decent picture.  

It shoots videos at up to 1080p at 30fps. The 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera, meanwhile, is just as suitable for selfies and video chatting as other, similar price smartphones.
Shot using macro mode


main camera offers Automatic, Smart, and Expert options to take

pictures. Automatic mode takes all of the tinkering out of stills

shooting. Smart mode gives you a selection of shooting options. If

you’ve used a Galaxy smartphone

or camera before you’ll recognise modes like Best face and Best photo,

but ‘Smart mode suggest’ is new. This analyses your surroundings, taking

into consideration lighting levels, then recommends the best Smart mode

to apply.

For photographers demanding more manual

control, Expert mode lets you alter ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and

Aperture amongst other things to give you more control over the


In Automatic mode, some shots can look a little

washed out and slightly dull – see the shot below. Select the right

Smart mode, however, and the level of detail, quality of colours and

exposure is up there with decent quality compacts.


Smart modes do a really great job of applying the right setting to take

a great picture. Sometimes it’s not immediately clear, but the subtle

differences in sharpness and clarity are noticeable when you look at the

photos on a bigger screen.

Shots in automatic mode can look a little dull and washed out, but the Smart modes fix this.

But the standout feature is the optical zoom lens. It really pays off for long distant shot where a standard, fixed-lens smartphone camera is useless.


the ring around the lens lets you hone in closer to objects in the

distance and the results, unsurprisingly, are considerably better than

the digital zoom you’ll find on most smartphones.

The S4

Zoom also yields great results in low light, too. The macro mode is

ideal for close-up shots, with impressive detail and vibrant colours.

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