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Together with the transparent ‘leg’ and subtler ToC, the other major change from the SyncMaster T-range is this monitor’s slimness. Unlike the rather bulky T200, the P2370 measures only 47mm at its thickest point, with its smoothly tapered edges making it appear slimmer still. This makes it slimmer than the headline-grabbing BenQ V2400W, though admittedly that was a larger 24in 16:10 display. There are a couple of negatives, though. First, that its very wide bezel means the P2370 actually takes up more space than most 24in monitors both lengthwise and in height; secondly, the stand is pretty but not very functional, offering only tilt adjustment.

Samsung’s most stylish monitor to date is nearly as attractive from the back as from the front. Its back is a single smooth slope without any grilles, vents or screw-covers, while the connections (which face straight out) are the only thing marring its surface, and they’re kept as small as possible. First off there’s the power plug, which is small and round as the P2370 has a modestly-sized external power brick. Not only was this a necessity to keep the monitor as slim as it is, but the thin little cable looks far better than a regular thick kettle lead would.

Video connectivity is limited to DVI, which with its large, clunky plug does ruin the aesthetic somewhat. You might be wondering why Samsung didn’t simply go for the much smaller and more graceful HDMI, but the answer is simple: VGA compatibility, since this ancient standard is still used by most netbooks and many cheap notebooks. As a fully digital standard, HDMI doesn’t support analogue (except with special converters costing upward of £150), whereas DVI does.

Of course, Samsung could have gone with DisplayPort, which is not only sleek but fully interoperable and already found on monitors such as the Dell-UltraSharp-2408WFP and excellent HP LP2475w. However, this plus the necessary adapters might have added to the cost. As is, you get DVI-to-DVI and DVI-to-VGA cables in the box.

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