Sagem my150X



Mobile phones just keep getting cheaper, don’t they? I don’t mean those jobbies you get for free on contract – we all know that their true cost is subsidised by the network operator, and you pay, month on month, for the privilege of having them in your pocket. No, I mean the phones you can buy outright.

The new Sagem my150X hits a pricing low as far as I am aware, coming in at a mere £10 on Orange pay-as-you-go. You have to go to Asda for it, but how much of a come-down is that considering the price?

I’ve seen other low-cost handsets from Sagem, most recently the my215X which by comparison costs a fortune – £19.99 in fact – again on a pay as you go contract, but like I said, the my150X hits a new low. Does it hit this low in a good way or a bad one? Well, that depends on what you want from a mobile. With no music player and no camera it certainly won’t meet the needs of anyone with multimedia on their minds.

It is dual-band, so don’t expect too much from it if you travel internationally a great deal. And no, in case you are wondering, there’s no FM radio, no Web browsing, no WAP browsing, no mobile email, no way to display images, no PC synchronising, no memory expansion, no Bluetooth, no handsfree headset connector.

So now you get the point – this is a pretty feature-poor handset. I have no intention of grumbling about that if the my150X does the job it professes to efficiently.

Certainly on the hardware ergonomics front the signs are good. This is a small, light candybar handset. It measures a candybar standard 107mm tall and 47mm wide, but manages to sneak in at just 10mm thick thanks to its overall lack of internal gubbins.

The light features list keeps the weight down too. The my150X is just 65g. Carrying it around I hardly ever realised it was in my pocket till it rang, which is wonderful.