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The TV’s black levels are also outstanding, enjoying a depth and clarity that leaves nearly all LCD TVs and many plasmas trailing. You can thus get drawn into the depth of the picture rather than having to squint through the grey mist associated with low-contrast screens.

Perhaps one of the most surprising strengths of the Sagem’s picture is how sharp it is. You’d think the process of projecting an image might soften that image out, but actually the D45H never looks less than pin-sharp, especially with high definition. In fact, we’d argue that on the evidence of the D45H, DLP rear projection can look better with an Xbox 360 than plasma usually does.

The picture isn’t completely perfect, though. One issue with DLP technology is that its dependence on a fast-spinning colour wheel to add colour means you can sometimes make out strips of pure colour popping up for a fraction of a second around the periphery of the picture – and this does sometimes manifest itself with the D45H. But we found it very easy to live with overall – and some people can’t even see it at all!

Aside from that, the only minor issues we have are that horizontal camera pans can appear slightly jerky, and if you’re watching in a very light room, the TV tends to pool a faint reflection of that light in the centre of its screen. But again, neither of these issues comes close to overwhelming all the TV’s good work.

It’s a very respectable audio performer too. Some TVs sound more aggressive and powerful, perhaps, but the D45H makes up for this with impeccable clarity and finesse.


Unless you really are fixated on getting a flat TV as your partner for the new high definition world, you write Sagem’s new DLP rear projection model off at your peril. After all, where in the flat panel world would you be able to find stunning 45in pictures – not to mention features and connections galore – for under £1200? Exactly…

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