Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse - Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse



It’s almost a shame that Razer has given this mouse a headline-grabbing, record-breaking DPI level of 5,600 as it’s actually the least interesting part of this mouse and detracts from its truly unique and laudable features. Still, if you really feel 3,200 DPI is not sensitive enough, the Razer Mamba can take things to the next level for you. Like most gaming mice, the DPI level can also be changed on the fly with fives levels on offer. The two small buttons just next to the left mouse button are used for tracking up and down the levels whereas the value of each point can be specified using the included software. A small three-stripe LED readout displays which level you’re on by using a combination of green or red stripes.

All told, it’s a simple and intuitive system to use, though Andy did say he found the positioning of the DPI-buttons interfered with the primary left-click button. Also, I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually uses more than a couple of DPI settings with any regularity so as such I would prefer to see an even simpler switching system like that on the SteelSeries Ikari.

On the bottom of the mouse are three relatively small teflon feet that despite their size provided a super smooth and wobble-free glide. The battery compartment is also hidden under here and it houses an 800mAh Li-Ion battery that’s apparently good for 14hrs of continuous use or 72hrs of ‘typical’ usage. Our experience suggested these figures were reasonably accurate. Nevertheless, we’d prefer to see a spare battery included at this sort of price. The battery compartment also doubles as the indent into which the wireless dongle-cum-charging dock sits.

The bottom is also home to the button for syncing the mouse with its wireless dongle and an on/off switch for controlling the mouse’s wireless signal. Meanwhile, the little latch, with the eject symbol next to it, is a clue to this mouse’s unique feature; its dual wired and wireless modes.

Unlike the Microsoft SideWinder X8, which featured an easy fit charging cable to enable non-stop wireless mousing, the Razer Mamba can actually be both a ”proper” wired mouse and a wireless one. You simply unplug the USB cable from the back of the wireless dongle and plug it into the mouse, where it is held firm by said latch. It can be a bit of a fiddle to swap the cable but with a bit of practice it becomes no bother.

Of course, the advantage of the mouse becoming truly wired means you aren’t hamstrung by that slight lagginess that all wireless mice suffer from so you can be at your absolute best when gaming. Admittedly, the superb wireless technology that Razer has used on this mouse means it’s pretty darned good but the difference between it and using the mouse wired was still easily discernible.


We’ve had to knock the overall score down a notch simply because it’s so expensive but the combination of true wired performance, wireless convenience, superb styling, and amazing ergonomics make the Razer Mamba quite simply the best mouse we’ve ever tested and it will take something seriously special to beat it.

Score in detail

  • Value 7
  • Features 10

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