Pure Evoke-3 - Pure Evoke-3 DAB Radio



One you’ve done the scan, which only take about a minute you should look out for stations that have the letters EPG next to them. This indicates that there is an Electronic Programme Guide available for that station. Pure’s Bug radio can also view EPG data, but it’s the large display on the Evoke-3 that really makes it useful.

If a station supports an EPG you press the Guide button that sits in the centre and a full schedule for that station is brought up. You scroll up and down through it using the Tune button and press the up and down buttons to view up to seven days in advance. The left and right buttons enable you to move between the EPGs of different stations. Up to 20 recordings can be scheduled at once and it’s extremely easy to use.

The really cool bit is that by pressing in the Tune button you can schedule the selected programme to ‘Tune-in at the selected time, or even better, to record, just like Sky +, but for Radio! I used this feature to record some favourite shows, and copy them over to my iPod so I can listen to them when I want. In an age of podcasting, this is a technology that brings ‘live’ radio right up to date.

Recordings are made to SD memory card and a slot sits at the button on the front fascia. With a 2GB card you could record up to 30 hours of programmes, but a 64MB card is supplied to get you started.

When you press record you even get the option to either to the SD card or to the digital out, so you could capture for example straight to Minidisc. If you have a memory card in the slot you can press the record button manually at any time. Recording quality is identical to the broadcast signal, directly capturing the live MP2 stream. Usually, these are labelled automatically with both title and the ID3 tag filled in with the time of the recording, the station and the Comment field is even filled in with ‘DAB grab’. However, if it’s a recording using the EPG the actually show name is captured too. Superb.

Naturally, the Evoke-3 supports Pure’s ‘Revu’ which means you can pause a recording, and it will buffer the show so that you can resume when you want and fast forward and rewind, just by turning the Revu dial. Again, it’s very easy to use.

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