Philips Senseo Twist HD7870



  • Can make two drinks at a time
  • Easy to use


  • Plastic taste to early drinks
  • Senseo blends inferior to Nespresso
  • Plasticky build quality
  • So-so build quality

Key Features

  • Variable strength system; Senseo pod system; Two drinks at a time

What is the Senseo Twist HD7870?

The Senseo Twist HD8780 is a machine for those who don’t want to spend a great deal on their coffee maker or machine. It’s designed to use Senseo pods, but both they and the machine itself are a bit cheaper than most of the competition.

Family-friendly, the Senseo Twist HD7870 has two outlets to let you make two separate espresso shots at once.

The HD7870 also keeps its grounds within a teabag-like sac when using the official pads, keeping mess to a minimum.

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What we liked

The Senseo Twist HD7870 is a pretty affordable coffee solution that needs very little maintenance. It’s also now available for well under its RRP, making it a bit of a bargain.

What we didn’t like

There are some compromises involved in such a saving, though. When first using the machine at least it produces coffee with flavour tainted by the HD7870’s plastic body, making it quite harsh to drink.

The blends we tested were also not quite up to the quality of Nespresso’s pods, and the pads need to be kept in the fridge where Nespresso’s sealed pods can be happily kept on the kitchen top.

Build quality of the machine isn’t top-notch either. It’s pretty plasticky, and uses some pretty naff touch sensitive buttons that trade usability for a slick look. We’d prefer traditional buttons.

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The Senseo Twist is a neat little coffee machine that lets you make two coffees at the same time. It doesn’t produce the best coffee in town but it is quite cheap and easy to use.

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