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As I would have anticipated given the lack of other tweaks to the 32PFL9613D’s specs, its other picture attributes look identical to those of the 32PFL9603D. And I’m happy to say that those attributes, together with the new-found consistency and motion clarity, deliver a picture that’s still easily a match for anything any new kids on the block might have to offer.

In fact, when it comes to standard definition I can’t think of any other 32in TV able to add so much sharpness and detail to proceedings while simultaneously removing loads of noise from even a generally low picture quality source like BBC3.

But the set is also superb with HD, delivering exceptional impact from HD’s glorious extra detail levels and colour subtleties for a 32in TV.

Perhaps the single most remarkable string to the 32PFL9613D’s bow, though, is its black level response. We commented on how impressively free of greyness and full of scale dark scenes looked on the 32PFL9603D, and this strength still stands out on the 32PFL9613D today just as strongly, even though rivals have had months to make the 32PFL9613D’s black levels look like yesterday’s news.

The only area of significant disappointment with the 32PFL9613D, in fact, concerns its viewing angle. For the image loses a little more contrast and colour saturation more severely than I’d ideally like when watched from the side.

Turning to the 32PFL9613D’s sound, it’s actually almost as startlingly good as the TV’s pictures. The set includes two integrated subwoofers and a dome tweeter design, and these both work wonders in helping it achieve bass, volume and clarity levels that leave the vast majority of other 32in flat TVs sounding rubbish by comparison.


The addition of 100Hz processing to the 32PFL9613D has made what was already a truly great TV, the 32PFL9603D, even better.

There will doubtless still be a few people out there who still aren’t comfortable with the ‘liquid motion’ effect created by the HD Natural Motion and now 100Hz combination. But of course, both HD Natural Motion and 100Hz can be completely turned off for anyone who prefers a more ‘natural’, juddery look to their TV shows and films.

And tellingly, even without the motion circuitry in play, the 32PFL9613D’s pictures are still among the very best the LCD world has to offer, making it a TV that really does appeal to anyone. Or anyone, at least, who’s willing to spend a bit above the average in pursuit of AV happiness.