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The 37PF9830’s colours are exemplary too; among the most vibrant, solid, noiseless and naturally toned in the LCD world. Part of their impact, meanwhile, is down to the screen having an exceptionally far-reaching contrast range that leaves peak whites looking positively radiant while deep blacks are free of LCD’s common greying over problem. The set also handles rapid motion remarkably well considering how much pressure such material puts on the real time picture processing engine.

In fact, the only time the 37PF9830’s picture engine struggles is with low quality source pictures, be they a grainy old TV show, or a low bit-rate digital TV channel/DVD. For clever though Pixel Plus 2 HD is, it doesn’t always successfully weed out noise from true picture information. This means that sometimes it actually sharpens and therefore exaggerates a source’s grain and digital blocking artefacts.

But you can’t really blame a TV as classy as this for not liking to be fed a low quality diet. This is a premium TV and it expects to be fed a premium diet as regularly as possible. And anyway, if you don’t like what Pixel Plus is doing with a specific source, you can always turn it off for a bit.

We piped an action scene or two into the 37PF9830’s NXT speakers not, in truth, expecting very much. After all, similar speakers built into a previous generation of Philips LCD TVs were pretty darned average. But Philips’ engineers appear to have sat down with NXT over a few beers and come up with improvements galore, to the point where the amount of power, bass, and clarity now on show at least rivals if not betters the audio from the normal speakers found on other high quality LCD TVs.


The 37PF9830 is a true LCD TV masterclass. Yes it’s expensive. But what do you expect from a TV that manages to give you a native 1080-line resolution, more features than the rest of the LCD world put together, a sumptuous design, and arguably the best high definition picture quality known to man?

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