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But of course, this presents two distinct problems. First, the adaptors are quite fiddly to use. Second – and this is really quite serious – you have potentially three entirely different bits of source gear vying for the same single input. So should you be in the position of wanting to connect a PC, an Xbox 360 and an upscaling DVD player or Sky’s high definition receiver to the TV, you’ll have to regularly pop round the back of the TV to switch the DVI connections over. We guess this will give couch potatoes a reason to have to stand up every now and then, but it’s hardly very 21st century, is it?!

There is at least one piece of good news with the 32PF5520D’s connectivity, though: it includes a digital audio output that for piping out Dolby Digital 5.1 audio streams to a suitable AV surround sound receiver.

But nobody in the UK except Sky broadcasts Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks, we (probably!) hear you cry. This is currently true, but Philips is thinking ahead to a time when the Freeview digital terrestrial broadcast service might finally deliver the odd 5.1 soundtrack or two. It’s just a shame Philips didn’t apply the same future-proof thought to the rest of the 32PF5520D’s connections.

As you may have picked up from the previous paragraph, the 32PF5520D features a built-in digital TV tuner – really quite a find on a 32in LCD costing just £800. What’s more, rounding out the TV’s HD Ready status is a healthy native resolution of 1,366 x 768 and compatibility with the key 720p and 1080i HD picture formats. There’s no 1080p capability, though.

In terms of other features, there are only two worth troubling you with. First, the digital tuner supports the 7-day electronic programme guide now broadcast by Freeview, right down to letting you filter its contents according to programme type and set timer events simply by selecting shows in the listings.

The other significant discovery is Active Control, which assesses the content of the source image and automatically adjusts facets of its picture’s appearance in response to what it finds. You can even set this system to factor in the amount of ambient light in your room, as measured by a built in light sensor.