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  • Review Price: £1.79

If you spent your youth shovelling coins into arcade machines boasting “futuristic” vector graphics, PewPew 2 is likely to bring a nostalgic tear to your eye. It’s a retro shoot ‘em up that blends elements of Asteroids and Tempest, and offers a number of different games modes including Dodge This, Assault and Chromatic Conflict.
Pew Pew 2

In Dodge This, you have to collect items while dodging enemies, in Assault you blast everything that approaches, while in Chromatic Conflict you’re tasked with blasting only certain coloured items that appear onscreen. The gameplay is suitably frenetic and the music is also ace, so if you’re a fan of retro shoot ‘em ups we think you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.


Fast and furious game play, cute retro graphics and great music make PewPew 2 well worth its modest asking price.

Pew Pew 2

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