Panasonic Viera TX-26LMD70 26in LCD TV



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  • Review Price: £437.00

Panasonic, it seems, can do no wrong in the flat TV world right now. Every recent LCD or plasma TV we’ve tested from the brand has delivered the goods in no uncertain terms. So how come the Overall mark at the top of this review of Panasonic’s 26in TX-26LMD70 only reads a solid seven rather than a spectacular nine or ten? Well…

There’s nothing about the TV’s design to cause consternation. Its black finish is robust enough and its lines cool enough to make for a pleasant presence in your room. The rear end sticks out a bit further than most LCDs, perhaps, but we’re only talking about three or four centimetres.

The 26LMD70’s connections, too, seem fair enough. Twin HDMIs are provided for digital high definition duties, component video is provided for analogue HD and progressive duties, and happily there’s a D-Sub PC input so that you can double the screen up as a PC monitor. We find this sort of dual functionality particularly handy on 26in screens, since their size means they are much more likely than bigger screens to find a place in a bedroom or study – places where ‘utility’ features like PC and TV compatibility come more into their own.

At this point we should probably say that however good first impressions of it appear to be, the 26LMD70 is actually Panasonic’s entry-level 26in TV. And so it’s not reasonable to expect it to sport the same sort of feature count or talent as the brand’s other ranges. This provides the first real clue to the OK rather than great mark we’ve given the TV – though actually, from a cursory glance at the TV’s specifications sheet, it’s not immediately obvious where the inevitable feature trimming has taken place.

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