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Bluetooth headsets are supported, but you may struggle for battery life if you choose to use one. The battery is tiny and rated at only 670mAh. I got just three hours 23 minutes of music from a full battery charge. This is abysmal battery life, really, and music fans should steer clear.

Memory is a bugbear too. Orange claims 64MB internally but when I checked this, the phone reported just half a megabyte free so the 64MB must include that used by the OS. You’ll definitely need a microSD card immediately, and the slot is located under the battery.

The camera shoots stills at 1.3-megapixels. It lacks autofocus or flash though does have a self-portrait mirror. Images are ropey. The coloured dish, photographed indoors under normal household lights, is dark and lacks definition though colour reproduction is good.

Outside, the white of the chair is far from uniform in colour and the low resolution of the camera is clear. The flowers are well reproduced in terms of colour but the focus is certainly nothing to write home about. Shutter lag is a serious problem too – the camera seems not to take a photo until after the shutter sound has been made. Move the phone when you hear the shutter sound and your photos will be blurred. It also takes an age to save a photo.

Video capture is limited to a 176 x 144 resolution (QCIF) and not surprisingly, given the lack of internal memory, you can’t begin to use it till you’ve inserted a memory card. Other features include a calendar, alarm, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter and world clock.


The Vegas is a low cost handset that does what Orange claims; bringing both a touchscreen and small size to a potentially wide audience. Regular readers will know I don’t penalise low cost handsets for being short on high-end features, but the poor battery life and a seriously under-par camera don’t do the Vegas any favours in the scores department.

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