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  • Review Price: £189.00

It was just under a year ago that I first looked at Oono’s portable DAB player, dubbed the miniDAB One. With a name like that it didn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to expect that a second one would be on its way before long. However, clearly the epithet minDAB 2 wasn’t considered good enough for the sequel and the new one is actually called the MD-2Plus2 SE.

Those who were put off by the originals aesthetically challenged looks might be disappointed to see that little has changed for the second one. So yes, it’s still a pretty ugly looking device, with a strange and confusing mix of curves, buttons and dials. It has had a lick of paint however, and is now available in granite and silver versions, which admittedly do look slightly better.

Either way, it’s still a long way from the sleek look of an iPod, or indeed the DAB equipped iRiver B20, that Riyad reviewed recently. That device set new standard for DAB by including the digital radio technology in the smallest, sleekest device yet, along with video and music playback, so to find that the Oono is still a relative fatty and still pug ugly represents something of a problem. Add on the fact that Riyad berated the iRiver for being so expensive, yet the Oono is pricier still and it seems to be game over for the Oono 2Plus2 before it has even started.

The Oono also integrates a small speaker and voice recording functions, so if those are your bag the competitors are the Pure Pocket DAB 2000 and the MPIO PD100 Portable DAB Radio, neither of which appears to be available anymore. Oono also says that the new version has a new DAB chip inside, which allegedly improves reception, and a more powerful speaker.

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