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When we printed from a camera connected directly to the printer’s PictBridge port it took 2:48 and from an SD card this rose again to 2:53. All these prints were in ‘high’ (best) mode, so we tried one in ‘speed’ mode, to see if this would make the difference, but that completed in 1:29 and was horribly banded. To complete the set, a print in ‘normal’ mode took 1:57.

Print quality, in best mode, is fair, but most colours look over-saturated by default. This can be corrected for in Paint Shop Photo Album, but not if you’re printing directly from cards or camera.

Using the printer on its own, by plugging a memory card or PictBridge-compatible camera, illuminates more of the control buttons. There’s no menu system to speak of, but you do have good control over the images you print and the number of copies of each. This autonomy is extended as you can fit six NiMH batteries for mobile operation, and by the fact that the paper cartridge clips conveniently to the underside of the printer.

Try as we might, we couldn’t get the device to work via Bluetooth. Our PC saw the printer and would link with it, but then claimed the MY_WAY didn’t provide a printer service.

There are two consumables: the ink cartridge and the photo paper. The cartridge costs a fairly hefty £23, even from Argos, which was the cheapest source we could find. Paper is normally £9.99 for 50 sheets, but the retailer is currently offering a two for one deal, which cuts its cost in half. At normal price, you’re paying 41p per print, but with the BOGOF deal, which finishes on 20/6/06, this drops to 30p. Even this, though, is a high price for a 15 x 10cm print, when most competitors have it down to little over 20p.


The MY_WAY is a solidly made, unconventionally styled (and named) photo printer at a very good price. It’s easy to use, but it’s not without a couple of shortcomings, particularly its speed and print costs. If you can pay more than the £60 asked here, for an alternative printer, you will gain in the long term, at a rate of around 10p per print.

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