OKI C810n A3+ LED Printer



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  • Review Price: £1136.96

OKI’s unique claim to fame is that its laser printers don’t use lasers. Back in the days when people thought a laser printer burnt an image into the paper with a James Bond killer ray, the company had the really clever idea of using a strip of high-intensity LEDs instead of a laser beam to create a page impression on a printer’s photoconductor drum. It’s never looked back and in the economically named C810n, it has produced an A3+ colour printer based on the technology.

Is it just us, or do all OKI laser printers look vaguely similar? Sure, this one is bigger than most of the others, though the company makes great play of how its smaller than most A3 colour lasers and we wouldn’t argue. However, it has the same rounded looks and idiosyncratic 1990s design as most of the models that have come out of the company in the last few years.

The design is conventional enough, though the in-line arrangement of the four, colour drum and toner units means the machine is quite deep. There’s a 250-sheet paper tray at the bottom of the front panel and this can take paper sizes from A6 up to A3+ – all you need do is adjust the paper size readout in the front edge of the tray when loading them. There’s also a 100-sheet multipurpose tray, which flips down and folds out from the machine’s front panel.

The control panel is remarkably simple, with a 2-line by 16-character, backlit LCD display, a four-way navigation cluster and simple buttons for online and job cancel. Two indicators for Ready and Attention (error conditions) complete the array.

The drum units come pre-installed, but with large orange blanks fitted to them, which have to be removed, along with spacer sheets, before you can start printing. Plug-in all four toner cartridges and the machine is set up to go. Its software installs from the provided DVD, but suffers from the same unclear set of instructions as the recently tested B410d. Unusually, you use the Windows installation wizard to complete the process.